Violin ensemble with bow and chin rest Dark wood 4/4

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Our violin set is a great instrument for beginners or hobbyists. In addition to a violin, the pack includes a bow, chin rest, rosin and a soft box. This violin gives you a brilliant and melodic sound while other components contribute to a perfect musical performance. In addition, the inside of the box is very soft to protect the violin, so you can keep the precious violin well when it is not in use and take it with you everywhere.
  • Color: dark wood
  • Violin material: basswood
  • Bow material: synthetic fiber
  • Full size: 4/4
  • Length: 59 cm
  • Width: 21 cm
  • Scale: 39 cm
  • Body size: 4cm
  • Assembly is required
  • The delivery contains:
  • 1 x violin
  • 1 x bow
  • 1 x chin bar
  • 1 x rosin
  • 1 x soft box for violin