3 Pairs Mens Lambs Wool Knee High Socks

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Mens Extra Long Argyle Lamb's Wool Socks

A traditional argyle wool sock has always been considered as one of the essentials for a man’s sock drawer, this extra-long version will serve as a traditional looking sock that will cover your legs up to over the knee height.

This 3 pack offers a soft touch on the foot, protection in rough terrains and warmth to trap the natural body heat that is created by your feet. The wide top of the socks provides intense comfort around the legs whilst a wool blend provides a soft cushion for the foot. The lamb's wool blend incorporated into the manufacturing of these socks gives them the thermal ability to keep your feet warm in cold temperatures for long periods of time, meaning you can enjoy the great outdoors in comfort and warmth for longer. These are an extra-long version of a traditional lamb’s wool sock and will reach above the knee.

The traditional argyle patterns available come in 2 options, a brown mix, and a grey mix. One size is available in a 6-11 UK 7-12 US 39-45 eur and they are easily machine washable.

Extra Product Details

* Lamb's wool blend socks
* Over the knee height
* 2 colours to choose between
* Size 6-11 UK 39-45 eur 7-12 US
* Advanced knitting technologies
* Keep feet warmer for longer
* Traditional argyle patterns
* 55% Acrylic 25% Wool 18% Polyester 2% Elastane Lycra
* Machine washable