Glisten Screw Back Earrings | 9212471

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Glisten The pair of Glisten screw back earrings reflects radiance and lushness at every glance.Created with the utmost precision and highest of standards, all diamond shaped stones are masterfully crafted and placed to reveal their true inner brilliance. They are sculpted with a hint of bling and diamond shaped stones of striking glint. These pair of earrings will be treasured in your wardrobe for years to come.

  • Bling Master Jewelry
  • Brass Copper Metal
  • Cubic Zircon Stones
  • Prong (hand) set CZ - No Glue
  • Grade AAA high quality
  •  13 MM Length 
  •  6 MM Width 
  •  1.3 grams Weight
  • Individually poly bag wrapped
  • Made in China