Electric Smart Multifunctional Far Infrared Heating with 2 Heads Neck Vibration Health Massager

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Deep massage with artificial techniques improve cervical spine problems, take care of your cervical spine and relax.
3 Modes and 12 levels of intensity meet a variety of massage needs, according to tolerance, targeted relief of corresponding symptoms.
Intelligent temperature control, the temperature of the hot compress is stable at 42℃, more comfortable and suitable for the human body.

Product color: white
Battery capacity: 600 mAh
Lifetime: about 10 days
Massage time: 30 minutes
Massage modes: 6 types
Massage intensity: 20 levels
Thermal temperature: approximately equal to 42°C, 360° receive signal
Sense of use:Slight electric shock sensation

Package Content:
1 x Massage, Remote Control, English Manual, USB Cable